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Incense in Restaurant

Some years ago I went to a Chinese restaurant for my birthday ( I thought the family might as well enjoy it) and I eat nothing. My sister took pictures at the beginning and the end and my face was swollen. I had been sitting beside a Buddha statue and they were burning incense. Incense is very high in salicyltes.


Coffee Shops

Some years ago I went to Starbucks and had the same thing I had taken for years decaffeinated cappuccino and chocolate chip cookie . But I had a full blown reaction,my mouth started to tingle and then swelling in my mouth and throat . I quickly took a high doze antihistamine which worked. Locally we have a Costa I have decaffeinated cappuccino which they remove the caffeine with the Swiss water process ( some use chemicals )and they have all butter shortbread biscuits which are yummy!.








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