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I very slowly improved but my eyes were still getting worse and I had double vision .I thought I might have Thyroid eye disease and I went to see a Ophthalmologist who confirmed this and also that my left eye was protruding .They started me on large doses of Steroids and after three months they said I was getting better but I knew I was deteriorating.I contacted another Harley street specialist who diagnosed Optic Neuropathy which leads to blindness and so I paid privately for radiotherapy and more steroids. My consultant was wonderful as are all the staff at Moorefield's Eye Hospital London. Seven years later and several operations my eyes are pretty good ...Thank God.



Which came first the Thyroid or the Salicylates intolerance? I think it was the latter and that my system could not cope so the Thyroid went into hyper drive.
The moral of the story is...if you really believe you are not well persevere until you find the answer .



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