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By November I had lost 3 stone and went to a Consultant Allergist. She said although my face and eyes were swollen she had seen worse!!! ( and I paid £150 to hear that) .I was beyond words and did not know where to turn to next as I knew for certain I was very ill and I had told my GP the same!

By December I looked like a rag doll and had dropped from size 14 to 6 in clothes. I could not sleep, my hands shook, my voice quivered and my brain was on hyper drive. Finally, I become proactive in my search for what was causing my illness as I felt sure if I continued like this I would die( and I was right).So as an experienced registered nurse I decide to use my medical training.



Some years before while on duty just before handing over the report I took Aspirin for a sore throat.As I proceeded to give the report the Docrtors and nurses noticed my face swelling and the develpment of a rash.They quickly gave me anti-histamines and  thanked me for giving them a first hand experience of an allergic reaction ! .



Starting with the fact that I was allergic to Aspirin I did my own research on Salicylic acid and found it was also in fruit and vegetables, cosmetics, household cleaners etc.The previous June for the first time in my life I had started to eat Curries one a week and apple pies with nutmeg twice a week. Curries are equivalent to two Aspirin and nutmeg has very high levels of salicylates which would have being topping me up my system with Salicylates.


I had my answer and went to a Doctor in Harley Street specialising in food Intolerances and allergies. He confirmed Salicylate Intolerance and gave me a list of food to avoid but it was just those in the high range. I was told to also avoid the preservatives Sodium benzoate and Tartrazine.I improved a little but only really started to inprove when I started the Dr Anne Swain's elimination diet.(see treatement page)


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